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  • HorshamSeniorChampions
  • 2017 Senior Squad - Div2 Open
  • 2011 Falcons U17 Squad won their first BDSA Grand Final

About the Club

The game of soccer teaches life skills and respect for all, alongside skills learnt on the pitch.

'Our Philosophy'

- To provide structured skill development & training programs with qualified junior and senior coaches

- A focus on player development, improvement and team spirit

- A philosophy that ensures that boys and girls of all levels are catered for - Ages 4-18

- Weekly club competition for MiniRoo's, Horsham League and the BDSA League Horsham Falcons U15 Open, U17 Open and Seniors Open.

- Opportunity to play in championships and outside competition
- Our club is Affiliated with the Football Federations of Victoria & Australia
- Sportscover Insurance
- Weekly canteen and monthly social meals

- Family friendly environment for all!


The Horsham Falcons

In 2004 the Horsham Junior Soccer Club was formed with the view of giving the Wimmera's youth a new sporting experience. The Club has grown from strength to strength, at providing the youth from across the Wimmera, of all ages with differing abilities, the access and enjoyment of this universally beautiful game.

The players had grown in both skill and ability so in 2009 the Club joined Ballarat and District Soccer Association (BDSA) allowing for the players future growth in a League environment fielding their first Seniors team and both Under 13 and 17 Junior teams. Because of this move the Club decided to change their name to Horsham & District Soccer club.

The "FALCONS" left the nest for the first time and spread their wings well in this inaugural year in the BDSA. The Under 17's made the Elimination Final and the Under 13's flew the flag for the Club well. The under 13's fought their way hard and won their way through the game and the preliminary Final to get to the Grand Final. A loss to the Warrnambool Rangers in the 2009 Grand Final resulted, but a bright start and an exciting future for the club was unfolding.

These squad teams play every Sunday both home in Horsham (Dudley Cornell Park) and away games in Bacchus Marsh, Ballarat, Creswick, Daylesford, Maryborough and Warrnambool throughout the Season.

In 2011 the under 17's hard work paid off. Led by Mick Clarke as coach, they won their way through to their first "GRAND FINAL". They were faced by Ballarat North who finished top of the ladder and through pure grit, determination and a will to win, the under 17's beat their rivals to VICTORY with a 2-1 score bringing home to Horsham the club's first BDSA "GRAND FINAL WIN" (pictured above)

Meanwhile the Horsham 'Internal' League, who also train twice a week on Wednesdays and Fridays, compete every Sunday at our home ground in Horsham. The emphasis for these players is on fun and skill development so they can enjoy soccer as a recreational sport and a way to keep fit. They also have their own competition with B & F votes given for every game including a competition Shield to win in the Grand Final. This also gives them the opportunity to move up and join the BDSA squad teams to improve their skills at a higher level.

The Horsham League players have the opportunity to travel to FFV (football Federation Victoria) Junior country Championships annually to compete as either under 11, 12 or 13's thus gaining friendships with other players from other regions around the state and experiencing the game at a more competitive level.

Since the clubs inception in 2007 it has sent teams both Junior and Senior to compete at the South West Games 7-a-side Tournament hosted by Warrnambool Wolves in Warrnambool at the end of October each year.

Our Club consists of volunteers and parents working together to enhance the Club and provide these opportunities so our members can grow in their chosen sport.

As our Club continues to grow we are looking into expanding our horizons by moving to a new home ground. This new facility will allow us to expand our teams in the BDSA even more to include an Under 16 girl's Team and hopefully Women's team in the future.

This new facility would allow more teams to compete in the local Horsham League every week and also for the Horsham & District Soccer Club to host new local competitions like Corporate Fives and Summer Twilight Fives competitions in the future.

Recently in 2013 the Club formed a young age team (4 to 8 year olds) named the "Miniroos" which have attracted 19 members who play to have fun.


Business Parterships:

The future of the Club's expansion looks great. We welcome Business Partnerships within our local community to help promote this world wide loved sport of Soccer. Partnership options are available, feel free to come meet with us to discuss how we can work together with a package to achieve a successful future. 
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2013 HORSHAM FALCONS - Under 15’s BDSA Squad

2012 Horsham League Grand Final Winners
2012 HORSHAM FALCONS - Horsham League Grand Final Winners – Autotech Allstars

2011 HORSHAM FALCONS - Under 17's BDSA Grand FInal Winners